40" Handmade Battle Ready Gold Damascus Etched - Katana Sword


Katana Gold Damascus Etched Sword

  • Handmade
  • Gold Damascus Etched
  • 1045 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Sharp Blade is Ready to Use
  • Battle Ready
  • Full Tang
  • Glossy Black Wooded Scabbard
  • Crane Style Black Tsuba
  • Black Cord Wrapped Handle with White Ray Skin and Dragon Motif
  • Black Hanging Cord on the Scabbard
  • Ornately Decorated Tsuba, Brass Habaki, and Ornate Kashira

Katana Sword Vocabulary:

  • Tsuba - Hand Guard
  • Habaki - Blade Collar
  • Kashira - Pommel (back of the handle)


  • Total Length with Scabbard = 40"
  • Blade = 28"
  • Handle = 11"
Set Includes:
  • Gold Damascus Etched Katana with Scabbard
  • Sword Robe Cover
  • Certificate of Authenticity
Here we have a beautiful 40" Damascus Etched Katana Sword. It features a wooden scabbard with a black cord wrapped white ray skin handle. The blade is made of 1045 carbon steel. The scabbard has a glossy black finish which looks great. This Katana can be used in battle or for display. Anyone would be thrilled to receive one of these as a gift! In fact, we would highly recommend these as a gift.