2 Pairs of Professional Grade Police Handcuffs Black & Silver


    Double Lock Police Professional Handcuffs

    • Two Pairs Matte Black & Nickel Plated Silvers Handcuffs
    • Double Lock Feature
    • Welded Chain Links
    • Strong Rust and Corrosion Resistant Steel
    • Professional Grade Double Locking Handcuffs
    • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
    • Designed for Official Security Use
    • Includes Two Sets of Keys (2 keys each set)

    Professional Grade Handcuffs being used by security agencies all over the world. Built to withstand a lifetime of use in the field. Heavy-duty steel construction with a matte black finish. The double-locking feature locks the cuffs into place, preventing over-tightening on the wrist.

    Specially designed for security agencies, the Professional Grade Handcuffs Nickel Plated 2 Pairs are the real boss of all handcuffs. With their professional high-grade optimum quality, the handcuffs are two set pairs. Both sets have a heavy duty steel construction with chrome finishing that enhances their durability and make them ideal for agencies like police, security, investigatory, etc. Also, both sets have a double lock feature that keeps the handcuff at its place. This feature compliments their performance and that is why these handcuffs are ideally best for high-risk prisoners, restraint, and the situations like transport or shifting from one cell to another. So, grab the one to gift someone who is dealing in any such agencies or has an obsession with the unique handcuffs.